The Blue Zone

Watch our Blue Zone video!

Not sure what the Blue Zone is?  Watch our video:

What is the Blue Zone?

These are the blue curbed areas directly in front of the school on both sides of Pleasant St.  These are areas for a QUICK drop-off or QUICK pick-up.  There is NO PARKING and drivers do not get out of the car.  Children enter and exit the cars from the sidewalk.

What are the top 5 things I need to remember?

  • Always use the crosswalk and crossing guards. Jaywalking is dangerous. MAKE SAFE HABITS FOR LIFE.
  • Drivers should remain in their cars and children should get in and out of cars on the sidewalk side by themselves.
  • Don’t do u-turns in front of school or anywhere on Pleasant St. It is illegal and unsafe.
  • Don’t idle your engine. It’s bad for our environment and bad for our health.
  • Teach your children and caretakers the rules and be A GREAT ROLE MODEL.

My child isn’t ready for the Blue Zone, where do I park?

You cannot park in the Blue Zone or anywhere in front of Mason-Rice.  However, there are plenty of other parking areas including Tyler Terrace, Park Lane, Chapin Road, and Hancock Road.  Just plan to allow yourself a few minutes to walk to school from where you park.

What can I do to make the Blue Zone safe?

  • About half of the consistent Blue Zone rule breakers are non-parent caregivers — nannies, babysitters, and grandparents. Please send them a link to this page — and have a conversation with them about what the Blue Zone is and why following the rules is important for everyone’s safety.
  • Follow the rules and be a good example for your child and other children.
  • Be patient. Particularly when the weather gets bad, the Blue Zone becomes more congested and take longer. If you are going to Blue Zone your child, plan for extra time to do so. Also consider approaching the school from Homer Street and Blue Zoning in the other direction.
  • To learn more about the Blue Zone & parking, read the full document here.  It’s long — but comprehensive.  All it takes is one read.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.
The Mason-Rice Traffic & Safety Team