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The Mason-Rice PTO Communications pillar aims to foster relationships within the school community through weekly newsletters, the Mason-Rice PTO website, and a social media presence.

The role of the Mason-Rice PTO always has been and always will be to foster and support the parent-to-school relationship. This year, we see this mission as amplified. While–like everyone–we optimistically look forward to a day when we and are all together again, safely, and Covid-19 is a memory, we recognize that we won’t likely be one cohesive unit any time soon. But we are confident that the PTO can be the unifying force that keeps our community connected, regardless of whether your family has chosen the hybrid option, DLA, or to unenroll for the year.

For that reason, this year more than ever before, the work of the Communications Team is a priority focus for the PTO. The team has been working so hard to improve all of the PTO’s communication channels–from the website to the weekly newsletter–and is even building new functions like a social media presence!

Our PTO communicates via our private online directory, Membership Toolkit. To receive communications, you must have an active and updated account in the directory. So whether you’re a new or returning family, please create or confirm your contact information in Membership Toolkit as soon as possible so we can keep you up-to-date on the many happenings we are planning. You can access our directory here.

If you have an active account in Membership Toolkit and have not received recent correspondence, please let us know by emailing masonricedirectory@gmail.com so we can troubleshoot the issue.

If you would like to volunteer on the PTO’s Communications Team, contact our Director of Communications, Danielle Boudreau, at masonricepto@gmail.com.

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To receive PTO communications, including messages from room parents and our newsletter, please make sure your contact information is accurate in our school directory.