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Treasury & Forms

Treasury & Forms


We have two co-Treasurers at Mason-Rice – one for deposits and one for the overall budgeting, reporting and expense reimbursement.This year Rob Swint handles deposits and Sherry Zhao handles reporting and expenses. You can email them directly or contact them at mrptotreasurer@gmail.com.


Check Reimbursement Policy
To request payment for or reimbursement of any expenses incurred for a PTO program, please complete the M-R PTO Check Request Form. If you have any questions about whether the expense can be reimbursed, please check with the Committee Chair(s) and/or PTO co-presidents.

When filling out the form, you should:

  • Reconcile your receipts, and add explanations if needed when submitting your check request form.
  • Include all receipts or invoices.
  • Breakdown the allocation of expenses if they relate to more than one category.
  • Place your completed check requests in the treasurer’s box in the front lobby.
  • Email the treasurer know if you are submitting a request that is time sensitive or is needed with less than a week’s notice. Specify the date you need the check in your communication.

Check requests are typically completed within a week of the request. Checks are generally delivered on Fridays. If you have any questions, please contact Sherry Zhao  at mrptotreasurer@gmail.com.

Any check requests over the summer should be mailed to the home of Sherry Zhao: 62 Chase Street, Newton, 02459. Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Donations and Deposits
All donations made to the PTO are anonymous and confidential (except for the Treasurer who handles the deposits for that year).

To make a deposit following an event:

  • Complete a deposit form.
  • Place all checks for deposit together with the M-R PTO Deposit Form in the Treasurer’s box in the front lobby.
  • Email the treasurer to let him know that you are leaving checks in the treasurer’s box.

Please do NOT leave Cash in the Treasurer’s box as it is unsecured. If you have cash, email the treasurer so the you can coordinate a time to deliver the cash directly to him. Any questions can be directed to Rob Swint.

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