The Mason-Rice PTO Annual Fund Needs Your Support

Every year the PTO’s Annual Fund helps support supplies and programs for Mason-Rice Elementary School that are not covered by the Newton Public Schools’ budget. Though our expenses are different this year, we still need your support. This year, the PTO’s funds will be directed to:

Direct Teacher Support: including reimbursements for classroom supplies, curriculum support, and appreciation events for all teachers of M-R students, both hybrid and DLA.

Principal Discretionary Fund: Used to anonymously support Mason-Rice families who are experiencing hardship.*

Funding for Creative Arts & Science: curriculum enrichment programs that would not otherwise be provided by the district for students

EVERY DONATION MAKES A DIFFERENCE. If you would like to help support/sponsor the cost of our programs, please make a donation to the Mason-Rice PTO by using Paypal securely by clicking the link below.

OR you can send a check made payable to the “Mason-Rice PTO”, and leave the check in the PTO Treasurer’s box located in the front of the lobby. Thank you for supporting Mason-Rice!

Mason-Rice PTO is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Your donation is 100% tax deductible and if you can qualify for a match if you work for a company with a matching gift benefit. If you have any questions, please contact our Treasurers at

Please note that while Annual Fund focuses on monetary donations, we encourage donations in all ways including your time, talents, material donations, etc. We appreciate all levels of contribution.

PTO Funding for 2020-21

So far this year we have already sponsored a number initiatives that are unique to this year including:

Staff appreciation meals at Mason-Rice and Grubhub gift cards for all DLA teachers [with Mason-Rice students] who are not able to come to the building.

Mountain Lion T-shirts for all staff, to keep the staff community connected.

Extra donations to the Principal Discretionary Fund so any family in our community can get extra financial support, as needed.**

We want to do more to support our teachers and community and need your help to fund these and future initiatives.

** Is your family experiencing hardship? Please reach out to Principal Bultema; he is able to leverage the Principal Discretionary Fund to support you and your family. Information about which families benefit from this fund is known by Mr. Bultema exclusively.**

Goal: Raise $20,000 by January 31st

We need $20,000 to fully fund the events and programs that we forecast for this school year. We hope that those who are able will contribute to further the Mason-Rice experiences across our broad community. Every amount matters and is appreciated. We suggest a donation of $100 per student. Please help us as we support our community.