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Student Science Fair

Student Science Fair

Mason-Rice Student Science Fair

Each year in the Spring, more than 50 Exhibits are presented at the Mason-Rice Student Science Fair. All students are invited to participate. Registration is required.  All students in all grades are invited to exhibit their project and/or experiments.
EXCITING FOR KIDS:  The fun is in the tinkering! Perform an experiment or invent a gadget.  The more interactive and participatory your project, the better!  Kids can work with their friends, siblings, or on their own.

EASY ON PARENTS:  Kids can design their own project or choose from a science fair project website or book.  Each project should fit on a 2’ x 3’ table space and have a simple poster to explain it.  Operative words:  kid-quality!
FUN FOR EVERYONE:  Any student (K to 5) can display a project.  Participation is optional.   The whole Mason-Rice community is welcome to come to the Fair and see the inventions and experiments.

Guidelines for science fair projects:


  • Kid quality projects only!  Parent support is great (and probably necessary for younger students), but let the kids take the lead.
  • Projects can be Inventions (a new device to solve a problem), Investigations (hypothesis-experiment-results-conclusion), Presentations (describing research about a topic) or anything else science-related.
  • Projects do not have to work perfectly.  The idea is more important than the final product.
  • Electrical outlets are limited, and not guaranteed. Let us know if your project needs one.
  • Safety is key—please make sure that your project is safe.
  • Projects set-up time is 5:30 to 6 pm. Projects need to be removed at 7 pm.
  • Students should create a poster to explain what they did.  Short and simple is best.
  • The science fair is an exhibition, not a competition.
  • Need project ideas?  www.sciencebuddies.org, www.tryscience.org or check out a Science Fair Projects book from the library. Science project book and example posters will be on display in the lobby during Science Discovery Week.

Examples of past projects exhibited include:

Grade Project
k Paper Airplanes
An Invention
Matchbox phone
1 Stages of Decay
Electronic circuits
2 Weather Station
Testing various paper airplane designs
Waves in the ocean
Blow up a balloon with water
3 How much salt is there in Boston Harbor water?
Heart rate while exercising – what happens?
Mapping the hills on my walk to school
Marble tracks
Friction, power and slope
4 How you make ice cream?
Floating egg experiment
Chain mail experiment
Crushing the can
5 Carbon dioxide and trees
Sugar and Spice
Fats and unhealthy restaurants
Flower Power!
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