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PTO Board

PTO Board

Mason-Rice PTO Board

We are grateful to the following parents, teachers and staff who guide the PTO throughout the year as part of the PTO Board.  Please feel free to contact them if you have questions.

Name Role Email Address
Will Adams co-President hwadams@me.com
Jas Singh Rai co-President me@jasrai.com
Patrick Song co-Treasurer – Deposits cheng.song@gmail.com
Sherry Zhao co-Treasurer – Reporting & Expenses sherryyzhao@gmail.com
Jennifer Manthei Secretary jennifer.manthei@gmail.com
Amy Konary Vice President, Community Events & Outreach; At-Large Member akonary@gmail.com
Maureen Oates Vice President, Communications; Past President mkoates@verizon.net
Ruth Sakakeeny Vice President, Fundraising ruth.sakakeeny@alumni.tufts.edu
Carol Ann Delmonico Vice President; Past President carolanndelmonico@comcast.net
Sarah Healy Past President sarah_dupre@hotmail.com
Heather Friedman At-large Member heather.friedman@gmail.com
Liz Bouvier At-large Member lizbouvier@hotmail.com
Rich Front At-large Member rfrostii@yahoo.com
Sarah Fogelman At-large Member sarahfogelman.org@gmail.com
Lucy  Mermagen At-large Member lucy.mermagen@gmail.com
Ruth Sakakeeny At-large Member ruth.sakakeeny@alumni.tufts.edu
Leslie Ziarko Valera At-large Member laziark@gmail.com
Joelle Zakak At-large Member joellezakak@gmail.com
Courtney Cole Ex-Officio Member courtneymcole@gmail.com
Jake Bultema Ex-Officio Member jacob_bultema@newton.k12.ma.us
Sarah Housman Ex-Officio Member sarahchousman@gmail.com
Jill Ruiz Ex-Officio Member jillruiz@comcast.net
Kim Shames Ex-Officio Member kim_shames@newton.k12.ma.us
Sarah Solomon Ex-Officio Member ssolomon@jccgb.org
Donna Thayer Ex-Officio Member donna_thayer@newton.k12.ma.us
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