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Volunteering is a great way to feel a part of our community. It gives you a chance to benefit our school while making great friends and connections along the way. Parent participation also reinforces to our children that school is important and that parents value what is being taught and learned.

There are many ways to get involved to depending on your available time and interests. There are roles for working parents as well as ones who may have more time. There are activities at school and ones that can be done from home. Please feel free to contact our PTO co-presidents at masonricepto@gmail.com at any time to learn more.

Volunteer Opportunities. The following is a brief overview of volunteer opportunities that are available:

Volunteer Coordinator:  Help recruit other parents to participate in or chair events and initiatives.

Classroom Help: Teachers and Room Parents will make you aware of various opportunities to help in the classroom throughout the year.

Room Parents: Every fall, we ask for room parent volunteers. Check out the Room Parents page to learn more about this important role.

Library Volunteers: You can help out in the library — either when your child’s class is visiting or shelving books throughout the week. Your Room Parent will send your class’ library signup in the fall and throughout the year. Check with Librarian Jennifer Reed (Jennifer_Reed@newton.k12.ma.us) at any time to see how you can help.

Fundraisers: The PTO organizes several fundraisers throughout the school year, and most of them require lots of volunteers. To learn more, check out our Fundraisers page. Examples of the kind of volunteers that are needed for fundraisers include: soliciting donations for the Mason-Rice auction; helping sell drink tickets at the spring party; sorting raffle basket tickets; and volunteering to be a cashier at the Book Fair.

Arts and Sciences Enrichment Programs. One of the major areas that the PTO budget supports is funding the Creative Arts and Science (CAS) programs for all grades. Read more about Creative Arts & Sciences and all of our Enrichment Programs here. The volunteers needed for enrichment programs include: coordinating a Creative Arts & Sciences program; sharing your expertise by participating in STEAM Week; collecting and collate books for the Book Swap; or helping to coordinate the A+ Literary Magazine.

Community Events: The PTO sponsors several community events and programs throughout the school year. These events are intended to foster a sense of cohesiveness and community among our families. Some community-related volunteer opportunities are: coordinating ice cream for the fall picnic, helping sell pizza at bingo night, and assisting with the Fun Run. For a description of community events, click Community.

We also have plenty of other short duration (2-4 hrs or 1-2 days) opportunities that need plenty of volunteers such as 4th grade Bicycle Safety, 2nd grade Pedestrian Safety, Field Day, the Green Team, Kinder-Club, and Safe Arrivals. Check out the full list of Committee Chairs here — and contact them if you are interested in a particular team.

We hope you have a chance to volunteer soon!

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