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From the PTO

Sign up Newton Serves – 4/30

On Sunday, April 30, Mason-Rice will be a volunteer location for NewtonSERVES, a city-wide community day of service.  We encourage you and your family to volunteer for a few hours or the whole day (9:30am-4pm) to clean classrooms, spruce up the outdoor space and many other projects. Sign up in advance

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PTO Annual Book Swap — Donate Books Now

The Mason Rice book swap is an annual event that both students and teachers love. Each year students swap about 1500 books. Here’s how you can help in April: Gather and donate gently used books for K through 5th grade students. We especially need books for 4th and 5th grade

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Creative Arts and Science: Kindergarteners Bubbles Program

On April 4th the Discovery Museum in Acton sent its Traveling Science Program to teach our Kindergarten students all about Bubbles: How long does a bubble really last? What color is a bubble? Can you predict when a bubble will pop? Students challenge what they think they know about bubbles

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NPS Budget Update – 04/07/17

Thank you to all parents who reached out to the School Committee, Superintendent and Mayor about the budget either in person, via the phone or by email.  Your voices impacted two things — 1. They impacted the priority for addbacks into the budget. 2. They impacted the amount of money

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Creative Arts & Science: First Grade Explores the Ocean

A biologist from Explore the Ocean World, LLC, visited Mason-Rice 1st graders on Tuesday, March 31. The presenter showed the classes a multitude of things found in the Atlantic Ocean, and the students were delighted to touch everything from whale vertebrae to shark teeth. The biggest hit of all were

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NPS 2017-2018 Budget Update

It’s budget season at the Newton Public Schools so we wanted to keep our parents abreast of developments and the impact on Mason-Rice. A good place to start is this summary from the PTO Council (association of all PTOs) Board: The budget for next year has a $2.1 million gap,

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2nd Grade Family Folk Dance Night: Thursday, May 4 6-7:30pm (The Centre) 3rd Grade Recorder Concert: Wednesday, May 10 8:45am (The Centre) 4th Grade Band, Orchestra, Chorus Concert: Wednesday, June 7 6-7pm (The Centre) 5th Grade Band, Orchestra, Chorus Concert: Wednesday, June 7 7:30-8:30pm (The Centre) Questions? Contact Ms. McIntosh

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Hey Kids! Join us for the Mason-Rice Science Fair on Friday, April 7 from 6-7:00pm. The Science Fair is: EXCITING FOR KIDS: The fun is in the tinkering! Perform an experiment or construct a working gadget. Kids can work with their friends, siblings, or on their own. EASY ON PARENTS: You can design

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Creative Arts & Sciences

SECOND GRADERS LEARN CHINESE RIBBON DANCING  On March 22nd our second graders were treated to a visit from Ms. Chiao Bin Huang who explored the art of Chinese Ribbin Dance. In a gorgeous costume made of red silk for good luck, Ms. Huang gave the children a brief history on how

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