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Honor Thy Teacher

Honor Thy Teacher

Honor Thy Teacher

I am a former Mason-Rice PTO co-president and a current Board member of the Newton Schools Foundation (NSF). Each year at this time, the Newton Schools Foundation begins its Honor Thy Teacher (HTT) Campaign. HTT is a fundraising campaign that gives parents the opportunity to show appreciation for their children’s teachers by making a donation to NSF in honor of a teacher, aide, coach, or other staff member who has impacted their child this past school year.

This year, the message of the HTT Campaign is more important than ever. As we watch our children learn how to cope with distance learning while, as parents, we struggle to maintain some semblance of our work lives and normal routines, we can appreciate even more the importance of the Newton Public School teachers in our children’s lives.

To help us get the message out about the HTT Campaign, NSF is requesting that school newsletters post an announcement about its campaign next week, to coordinate with Teacher Appreciation Week, and in the weeks that follow, so that parents can have a way to express their thanks for their children’s teachers. Accordingly, I am writing to ask if you would please post the message in red below in the Mason-Rice Notes as often as possible in the upcoming weeks.

To help you better understand what this campaign is about and the purpose of our posting, here is a brief description of what the Newton Schools Foundation is, and how its HTT program can affect your children:

NSF and HTT Program
Newton Schools Foundation is a catalyst of support for the Newton Public Schools, raising private funds from across the community to support supplemental programs at our schools designed to enrich the student’s learning experience and explore ideas not otherwise possible under the constraints of annual school budgets. Programs supported include professional development that gives teachers valuable tools to create successful classroom environments; new and promising curricula which allow students to go deeper; and programs designed to narrow achievement and opportunity gaps.

NSF supported programs impact students of all age groups throughout Newton. In a typical school year, some of the initiatives supported by NSF that might impact elementary school students in particular include: Positivity Training, Authorfest, and Families Organizing for Racial Justice.
As you may have heard, this year NSF has allocated a substantial portion of its resources towards a grant for the purchase of Chromebooks for students needing access to online learning during school closures. To insure that some of the programs described above can continue, donations to NSF through the HTT Campaign are more important than ever, and any way you can help us spread this message would be appreciated.
For more information about NSF and the programs it supports across the Newton Public Schools, you can visit the NSF website. If you have any questions about the HTT Campaign or if you need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you and stay safe!

Frieda Dweck




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