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From the PTO Co-Presidents – 4/13

From the PTO Co-Presidents – 4/13

From the PTO Co-Presidents – 4/13

Dear Families,

We hope everyone is looking forward to April vacation whether you’re traveling afar or staying nearby … enjoy, be safe and hopefully we’ll all be blessed with some warm weather soon.

This past weekend, Fools Folly lived up to its rambunctious reputation and Mardi Gras was in full swing in the highlands. It was a wonderful sight with many bright and creative costumes, the video skits were spectacular as usual. A big thank you to Denise Dandrea and Seema Brodie and their team of volunteers for putting together such a lively, colorful and community binding event. If you’ve never been before you’re truly missing out, make sure to attend next year.

The Mason Rice 5th Grade talent show spectacular was packed to the rafters, it was such an amazing experience to see our diversely talented group of children displaying their passions and skills for all of the community to enjoy. Thank you to all the performers and volunteers for putting on an amazing show.

A special thank you to Laura Kay Hughes and the other volunteers who supplied the K-2 Luncheon this week.

Over the course of the year, parents have attended Principal Coffees and PTO meetings, sent us emails or spoken with us directly, and a common theme we’ve heard is one of ‘Connectivity’. Simply put, how can we increase our connectedness with teachers, staff and students in light of the current Arrival Policy. During our most recent PTO meeting, several parents expressed an interest in creating a Mason-Rice Community Working Group designated to working with Principal Bultema and the staff to create or enhance access and visibility within the school. We’ve heard many ideas and we want to channel our community’s passion into creating actionable solutions. Please click here for more details and to sign up to be part of the group.

Lastly a reminder our monthly PTO board meeting will be today at 8.30am and anyone is welcome to attend. We’ll also be kicking off the Community Working Group mentioned above so feel free to attend and get in on the ground floor.

Have a wonderful holiday all.

Jas Rai & Will Adams
PTO Co-Presidents




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