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2nd graders spend “A Day in Ghana!”

2nd graders spend “A Day in Ghana!”

2nd graders spend “A Day in Ghana!”

This week, the 2nd Grade Classrooms enjoyed a special presentation from the Creative Arts & Sciences Program, entitled, “A Day in Ghana.” Joe Galeota, an associate professor at Berkeley College of Music, lived in Ghana for many years. He and his wife, Vida, who grew up in Ghana, took the 2nd Graders on a virtual journey to this amazing African country. Their journey started by taking an airplane across the Atlantic Ocean. Joe and Vida taught them geography of Africa and its regions, how Ghana has gold mines and was originally called the gold coast, and they discussed the tropical climate, foods, currency and government. Ghana has 27 million people and is a democracy now governed by a president. Joe and Vida informed the class that Ghana used to be ruled by a king and queen. Each class had an opportunity to have its own king and queen for the day, who had the pleasure of being dressed in traditional clothing that Joe and Vida brought with them.

Joe and Vida discussed that the children wake early in the morning (4:30am) to do their chores, such as getting water from the river for the day to help wash clothes and as needed for the families, and they helped with their younger siblings. Children in the class were able to practice carrying a bowl made from the calabash gourd/squash (on their heads!) and practice carrying a baby sibling (wrapped/swaddled on their back.) This unique presentation featured live demonstrations, live music and live dancing! Joe played the drum, while Vida taught the class songs. The children learned three different dances (ask them to show you!) Vida discussed how the children must wear a uniform to school (and then wash it each night), and that their parents have to pay school fees and buy books for the children. The class was surprised to learn that boys/girls often had to carry their desk and chair to school every day as well, or as the case for Vida, her school was under a mango tree. 2nd graders also learned about ways the people of Ghana show respect to each other, and ways they greet one another. Hope you enjoy the pictures below… from an amazing presentation!




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