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Maureen Cahoon Retirement

Maureen Cahoon Retirement

After 40 plus years of dedication to the safety of generations of Mason-Rice children, Maureen Cahoon will retire from her post as our beloved Crossing Guard. We have the honor of giving her a fitting and well deserved send off.


We are fundraising to offset additional expenses including decorations, music, additional audio/visual support, tickets for Maureen’s immediate family, etc.  If you would like to help contribute toward these additional expenses, please donate using the button below or send a check to attn: Maureen Cahoon Party Donations, Mason-Rice PTO, 149 Pleasant Street, Newton Centre, MA 02459.  Any amount is appreciated.  Feel free to contact masonricepto@gmail.com if you have any questions.


We need pictures!!!  Please submit your pictures with Maureen or pictures of your family wishing Maureen well.  We would especially like ones capturing Maureen’s trademark hugs!  If you are camera shy, have your child create a drawing of Maureen or an acrostic poem and take a picture of it.  Submit pictures via a secure DropBox via this link or by cutting and pasting this address:


Or you can upload to Google Doc via this link or by cutting and pasting this address: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2if4hWMbSdAOTAyZnBicHg2M1E

VIDEOS: Let’s be honest, Maureen is memorable.  You are too. Take 15 seconds or so to tell Maureen exactly what she means to you and/or your family.  Record you or your child saying a favorite Maureen phrase on your phone. Here are a few ideas for topics:

  • Why I/we love Maureen
  • The Things Maureen Says/Maureen’s Favorite Phrases  (Feel free to do impressions for this one!)
  • Maureen Cahoon in 6 Words
The videos are designed to be short and sweet so submit them by Tuesday, June 6 by midnight in one of the following ways:
Upload to our DropBox via this link or by cutting and pasting this address:

Upload to Google Doc via this link  or by cutting and pasting this address: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2if4hWMbSdAOTAyZnBicHg2M1E


  • Current/former students and parents are welcome to participate.
  • Aim for 15-seconds in length.  If you involve several families, feel free to pool your time.
  • We will likely not have time for more than one video per family — unless you have multiple tributes that are truly memorable or outtakes that are really hilarious!  In that case, send them along.
  • Pro tip: If you are recording on your smartphone, use it in landscape orientation (i.e., sideways) for best video quality.

The Fine Print:  By uploading your pictures and/or video, you are giving the PTO permission to use them in Maureen’s party video. Pictures and videos will be shown at the party and a link to them will likely be circulated in the Mason-Rice Notes but not posted on our web page.



When we asked Maureen what she envisioned for her retirement send-off, she envisioned a big party with so many of the parents — and the kids she crossed that are now adults — that she has befriended throughout the years.  We look forward to seeing many parents and alums who bought tickets on Friday night. Tickets are no longer being sold.  Please note:  If you bought a ticket, no physical tickets will be issued.  There will be a check in by name at the event.

Also, for those currently at Mason-Rice, we will be having a party with students to celebrate Maureen on Friday, June 16 immediately after school.  More information on that gathering will be posted in the Notes during the next few weeks.

If you have any questions, email masonricepto@gmail.com.


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