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5th Grade

5th Grade

Fifth Grade is an amazing year at Mason-Rice.  It starts with a trip to Hale Reservation to push our boundaries and try new things. It ends with a beatuiful ceremony and fun party. We encourage all Fifth Grade parents and students to play a role in graduation year activities. Read on to learn more.

Fifth Grade Graduation Activities

The Fifth Grade Graduation Committee produces the yearbook; plans the graduation ceremony and the graduation party; produces slide shows, videos or other presentations of the graduating class; and selects a class gift. They also plan several small fundraisers to raise money for these activities (including the Election Day Bake Sale and the Spring Picnic).

Spring School Picnic

Every year, the Fourth Grade parents and student organize the sale of food and slushies to raise funds for their graduation activities. Click here for the 2018 food ordering form.

Election Day Bake Sale

For the past few years, the fifth grade class has organized the Election Day Bake Sale as a fundraiser for its graduation activities. The fifth grade class, and their parents are responsible for cooking, collecting baked cooks for sale; wrapping the baked goods to make them attractive for sale; and manning the sale table on Election Day.

Fifth Grade Talent Show

An annual talent show will take place in the late Winter/early Spring.

Planning Committee

  • Co-chairs and communication (Tina Siracusa and Sarah Solomon)
  • Treasurer (Shannon Armstrong)
  • Fun Run Fundraiser (Jennifer Manthei)
  • Bake Sale co-chairs (Tripti Thomas Travers, Felicia Khan, Jill Ruiz)
  • Car Wash (Sunny Chander, Gregor Rohda)
  • Talent Show co-chairs (Erica Thorp, OPEN)
  • Graduation Party for kids  co-chairs (Holly Raynes, Yuka Kimura)
  • Class gift to school (Jill Ruiz, Sarah Solomon)
  • Graduation Ceremony (program, diplomas, reception) (Priscilla Remis, Krisztina Chander, Joyce Leonardo, Elora Chowdhury)
  • Yearbook (Tina Siracusa, OPEN)
  • DVD (Rachel Zoob Hill, Lauren Engel)
  • Teachers’ gift (Marci Shyavitz)
  • Social Action Committee (OPEN)
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